ZulMAP can provide its clients with customised, user-friendly spatial data applications for both end-users and management in order for the above criteria to be met within a municipal setup.

Examples of such applications include the following:

Integrated Management Systems customised to the client's environment and needs.
Localised or web-based GIS Viewer with direct access to main GIS database (Open-source and/or proprietary software)
Exporting project details to Google Earth to enable users to view data in a 3D environment without the need for expensive software.

Updating of Cadastral-related details, such as land use and zoning, via user-friendly end-user interface
Automated Building Plan Approval System linked to Cadastral data set
Reporting system on Financial Details linked with Cadastral data set, such as water usage, billing etc.
Asset Management System integrated with spatial data
Below are a few examples of an integrated management system with the GIS as the basis. Users can update attribute details and management is able to draw reports by querying the spatial data:

Financial Management
GRAP 17 Compliant Asset Management
Land & Property Management
Infrastructure Management