The following are services rendered by ZulMAP to DM’s in terms of the GIS Shared Services initiative:

PHASE 1: GIS Data Verification

Spatial Data Status Quo
Comprehensive metadata sheet with Data Gap Analysis
(spatial features & attributes)
Prioritisation of, and recommendations for data gaps

PHASE 2: GIS Capacity & Resources

GIS Hardware & Software Status Quo
Network & Internet Connectivity infrastructure to support Shared Services
Personnel & Resources to support Shared Services
Needs Analysis & Recommendations for Shared Services

PHASE 3: Long-Term Support Options to DM Shared Services

Capacitate and enable existing GIS person within DM to support LM’s
Source, scan, digitise, update and maintain bulk GIS work on behalf of appointed Shared
Services personnel within DM
Support for compilations of SDF's, CIP's, Housing Plans, IDP etc.